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Screenings: MWF 8-12pm, 2-5:00pm;      Tu 10-4;      TH 10-2pm


  • DOT physical                                                                    $70
  • Post-Offer/Pre-Employment (30-day net)                $70
  • Physical Agility Test                                                       $70
  • Fit For Duty                                              starts at         $150      (performed to suit job)
  • PFT / Pulmonary Function Testing (NIOSH )          $25
  • Audiogram / Hearing Test(CAOHC)                           $25
  • Pre-Placement Laborer Exam                                  $100
  • RESP. Fit Questionnaire   (fax to 772-617-6643)     $20        (Respirator, Qualitative only)
  • Respirator Fitting, Qualitative only                            $40
  • First Aid Exam  (billed by time and complexity)      $150 per 15 minute unit
  • EKG                                                                                     $30 
  • A la Carte:                                                                          $10
    • Blood Pressure
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Hip to waist circumference
    • Neck circumference
    • Wrist Circumference
    • Audio/Whisper Test
  • A la Carte:                                                                         $20
    • Phlebotomy: Venipuncture or fingerstick 
    • Ishihara Color Vision Test
    • Snellen Eye exam 
    • Otoscopic exam with Hearing Questionnaire




Drug Screenings: We perform the following drug testing at our office with an appointment: urine (with lab analysis), urine instant (instant results right in our office), hair, oral. We are on the Quest Preferred Provider list for your convenience. Ask us to fax over our fee sheet. Corporations can still contract with us individually for corporate services even if they hold a Quest account. We are happy to work on a contract with you for multiple services for companies 5 employees or more. 772-882-0701.

Urine Drug Screening:   

QUEST: Order Codes        Quest Preferred Provider

     1. 65304N – DOT SPLIT Urine Drug Panel for                $40

     2. 35105N – Non-DOT SINGLE Urine Drug panel        $40

     3. 27480N – Hair Drug Panel                                             $40 

4. Observation for females only at this time                               $10

5. Change of Custody Form charge                                                 $10

CRL: Order Codes

     2. DOT SPLIT Urine Drug Panel for                                  $40

     3. Non-DOT SINGLE Urine Drug panel                           $40 

INSTANT DRUG SCREENS (without confirmation)    $20 

     Confirmations are required only for positive tests for legal purposes

INSTANT DRUG SCREENS (with LAB confirmation)

     1. Instant 5 panel coc/thc/amph/opi/pcp                        $40 

     2. Instant 10 panel coc/thc/amph/opi/pcp/met/bzo/bar/mtd/oxy $50

     3. Instant 14 panel coc/thc/opi/bzo/mAMP/tca/oxy/ bup/bar/mtd/amp/

                                          mdma/pcp/ppx                                $60


HAIR Drug Screening: 


     a. Collect only                      $20 / Quest Preferred Provider

     b. Order the test for you  $40 


     a. Collect only                      $20


     a. Collect only                      $20


Alcohol Screening: Breath Alcohol screening is performed in our office with little to no waiting. We utilize the Pheonix 6.0 Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Screen. The report is faxed immediately to the employer.

Breath Alcohol Test,                                                            $40 

Breath Alcohol Confirmation, evidentiary                      $40



TPA (s): We would love to be a resource for you. Call to add us to your list of providers! 772-882-0701

Corporate Health Fairs:

We are available for your Corporate Health Fair. If you require a group of services for your Corporation on a set schedule of days, call us. We can perform exams, drug testing, alcohol testing and many other types of testing on location. 772-882-0701 to schedule.